A Base-ball Stock Company at Yale.

A consolidated base-ball nine has been formed at Yale College. A sort of joint stock company has been organized, and 200 shares of stock at $5 a share have been subscribed for. W. M. Vinton of the junior class, who is a professional base-ball player and can not play with the university team on that account, will be the captain and pitcher. Edward Parsons, '88, will manage the nine. The chief idea informing the new team is to give the regular college team practice, but games will be arranged with several other leading clubs. - N. Y. Times.

Yale has taken the initiative among her sister colleges in providing a regularly organized nine to give practice to the 'Varsity team. The zeal with which the undergraduates have subscribed for the support of the new nine shows that the matter has been carefully examined and that the sentiment of the college at large is that it will supply a long felt want, that of regular and systematic practice for the nine which represents the college. Not only this, but players who in the beginning of the season have not shown up well enough to get a place on the picked team, may by careful work develop into better players than some members of the regular nine. As an athletic venture for the improvement of the base-ball players, the new scheme will undoubtedly prove a success, but as a financial investment the outlook is not so encouraging. It is rather difficult to see how people will pay to see a second nine from Yale College play with some outside club when it is perfectly easy to witness a game between the regular nine and a rival college team for the same price.