EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON: I wish to discuss in a few words the question of the make-up of the '88 tug-of-war team. The question has been raised, and it is, I think, a fair one, whether a man who pulls on a team which represents his college, and is a regular member of that team, can also pull on his class team. In what does the tug-of-war differ from the nine or the crew, and why should the rules which govern all 'Varsity teams be laid aside in the case of one? Why should a distinction be made in regard to the 'Varsity Tug-of-War Team, simply because it is of less importance than the crew or nine? The rules which regulate 'Varsity men apply equally as regards tug-of-war or nine. Why, then, should '88 take advantage of her opponents and put a man on her class team who undoubtedly is a member of the team which represents Harvard abroad?

It strikes me that your contributor of yesterday is both extremely infantile in his arguments and ungenerous to ward the "Tech" team. We sent in four of our strongest men to pull against Technology, and we were fairly beaten. Why, then, try to conceal the fact and hesitate to make admissions which are merely honorable?

Your contributor says that different teams have represented us in different contests. They may have had a change in number 3 or 2, but they have been virtually the same, and the '88 man in question has pulled on them all. As to his argument concerning the right of the '87 men to pull in the class boat this year, it may be said that they are no longer 'Varsity men, and hence do not come under the rule respecting the latter. In the case of '88's coxswain, I do not get the drift of his very lucid argument, nor do I understand to what he refers when he says that the vote was due to a misunderstanding and that it is not yet settled. To what vote does he refer, and why has it not yet been settled? Perhaps he will have the kindness in some future communication to inform one who wants to see