Mass Meeting.


Last evening Bolyston Hall was crowded with students who had met at the mass meeting to decide what action Harvard should take on the base ball question. It was necessary that immediate action should be taken, for the schedule must be arranged at once. There was a free discussion of the subject, and, as far as Harvard is concerned, this much-talked-of question was finally decided.

The old game was not at all satisfactory, and it is believed that many of its objectionable features may be removed in the new league. It was urged that last year Columbia had a very good nine, and it is fair to assume that this year she will have a better nine than any one of those which the smaller colleges in the existing league will have. It was also stated that Columbia would enter a league with Harvard and Princeton. So it was moved and carried that it was the sentiment of the meeting that Harvard should withdraw from the Intercollegiate Base-Ball Association, and with Princeton and Columbia from a new association to which Yale was to be admitted if she wished, though no undue concessions were to be made to Yale. It was also moved and carried that it was the sentiment of the meeting that if Yale did not enter the league, Harvard should play no exhibition games with her, provided Princeton and Columbia would not play with her. It was finally resolved that the college has complete confidence in her delegates to the convention, and that they have full power to act. The meeting adjourned after given three times three for nine.