Fact and Rumor.

Prof. Dunbar will resume his course today.

Harvard plays Brown this afternoon on Holmes.

The Yale Mott Haven teams will go into training in about a month.

The senior class of the Roxbury Latin School had its annual dinner last week.

There will be an important meeting of the Crimson board to-day at 1.30 o'clock.

Coit, Yale '87 will be unable to run in the Mott Haven games on account of illness.

Osborne, "88, will not be able to play on the Yale nine this year on account of a sprained knee.

No challenge has been received from Cambridge, England, by the captain of the 'Varsity Crew.

Fifty per cent. of the past editors of the Harvard Crimson, are now engaged in journalism. - Tuftonian.

Wiestling of the Harvards is considered the best base runner in the inter-collegiate arena. Boston Herald.

The second and last Coffee party of the Glee Club and Pierian Sodality takes place to-night in Roberts' Hall. The date of the party has been changed from Thursday to Monday on account of the first performance of the Pudding theatricals that comes Thursday night.

The game which was to have been played with the Cochituates Saturday, was postponed on account of the rain.

On Saturday the New York's defeated Princeton 7 to 1. Yale won from the Weterbury's with a score of 14 to 8.

In six games with League and Association nines Yale has scored 27 runs to her opponents' 68, and 58 base hits to her opponents' 81.

Holden '88 and L. H. Morgan '89 received injuries in a practice game last week and will be unable to play with the nine for a few days.

The match between the Jamaica plains Gun Club and the Harvard Shooting Club which was to have taken place Saturday, was postponed on account of the rain.

The match between the Shooting Club and the Jamaica Plain Gun Club which was to have been shot last Saturday will come off next Thursday. The teams will consist of seven men, each man to shoot at 20 pigeons.

Edison thinks that ball playing at night is practicable by placing the lights below the surface of the ground and using reflectors. A test will be made at the Staten Island grounds during the coming summer.

At a dinner of the editors of the Yale Literary Magazine, the following was one of the toasts:

Prineton . . . . . . Mr. Corwin "Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs, Upon a slimy sea." Coleridge.

The Yale University crew has been selected and is as follows: Ernest L. Caldwell, 159 pounds; George R. Carter, 168 pounds; Joseph W. Middlebrook, 171 pounds; Fred A. Stevenson, 178 pounds; George W. Wooeruff, 176 pounds; William H. Corbin, 185 pounds: Charles O. Gill, 170 pounds; John Rogers, Jr., captain, 168 pounds; Samuel M. Cross, 164 pounds; Richard M. Hurd, 161 pounds. Little Thompson of '90 will be coxswain.