Harvard Law Review.

A new monthly periodical, published by members of the Law School, has now been added to the already long list of our college publications. The object of the "Harvard Law Review" is to "set forth the work done in the Law School, to furnish news of interest to those who have studied law in Cambridge, and to give, if possible, to all who are interested in the subject of legal education, some idea of what is done under the Harvard system of instruction." This intention has been admirably carried out in the first number containing many interesting and noteworthy points which cannot fail to attract the attention of all who are now studying the law and many who, though still undergraduates, intend at some future date to embrace the law as their profession. Offers of assistance have been made by many of the professors of the Law School and several prominent alumni have signified their intention of aiding the new monthly in whatever way they can best further its advancement. The first article deals with the question of "Purchase for Value without Notice," by Professor J. B. Ames. It is a very instructive and comprehensive view of the subject and is well worth the careful perusal of all those interested in the question. The next article is on "Tickets" by J. H. Beale, Jr., and is given up entirely to a consideration of the value of railroad tickets and to what extent the companies are rendered liable by their purchase. The rest of the magazine is filled up with notes, correspondence, recent cases and reviews.

This new departure in the field of literature is one which should be firmly supported by all the friends of the Law School. The board of editors numbers fifteen, composed as follows: Messrs. J. J. McKelvey, editor-in-chief; J. H. Beale, Jr.; B. Ellis, treasurer; W. A. Hayes, Jr., J. W. Mack, J. W. Morss, J. H. Wigmore, A. Winkler, B. G. Davis, M. C. Hobbs, B. H. Lee, H. M. Williams, J. M. Merriam, G. R. Nutter, P. C. Ransom. Three of these M. C. Hobbs, H. M. Williams and J. M. Marriam have been former editors of the CRIMSON.