Intercollegiate Shooting Match.

The Atlantic Ammunition Company have offered a solid silver cup worth $100 for the best score made by a college shooting club at trap shooting. The cup is to be held open to competition for one year, unless won twice consecutively by one college team. There are to be three contestants from each college.

Ninety Blue Rock targets are to be shot at, thrown from a Blue Rock trap a distance of not less than 40 yards. Each contestant to shoot at thirty targets, 10 consecutively before leaving the score. The first ten to be thrown straight away. The second 10 at a right angle, to the right. The third 10 at a left angle, to the left. The shooter shall stand 16 yards from the trap if using a 12 guage gun, or 18 yards for a 10 guage.

Should there be any ties, they are to be shot off as those who have tied may decide, any time before Nov. 14th and Dec. 19th. 1887. All scores must be in. and entries closed before Nov. 1st.