Note and Comment.


The challenge which appears in another column, from the freshmen of the University of Pennsylvania to our freshmen for a race at New London, is deserving of careful consideration, especially after the unexpected course of the Harvard navy management has rendered it probable that there will be no race this year with the Harvard freshmen. The challenge is a straight-forward one, fully approved by our navy management and should be accepted without hesitation by the freshman class. We need mention only the chief reason for its acceptance and we feel sure it will suffice. A well-trained freshman crew has become indispensable for developing men for the University boat, a fact which the experience of the past few years establishes beyond a doubt. The success which a crew attains in its freshman year is largely a measure of what it will do afterwards. Both for its own sake, therefore, and more especially the University, the freshmen should decide to accept this challenge. The only question to be decided is in regard to the expense, which will, by careful estimate, amount to about $700 in addition to what has already been subscribed. But since the class expected to raise some $1,400 for the anticipated race with Harvard, there is no reason to complain at giving half this sum in addition for the Pennsylvania race, which will combine the same advantages and prove almost as interesting, owing to the excellent advantages of situation and members, which the challenging class possesses for bringing out a good crew. Besides contests with other college crews are by no means impossible. - Yale News.

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