Fact and Rumor.

Princeton is trying to revive cricket.

Storrow, '89, is now stroking the 'Varsity.

Spring recess begins to day at four o'clock.

Harvard has arranged a game with Bowdoin College, April 26.

The Columbias will have but two of last year's players on their nine.

Harvard plays Tech. April 7 at Boston, and April 13 at Cambridge.

The nine play the Technology team on Thursday if the weather permits.

The receipts from the sophomore theatricals will be given to the University crew.

The sale and exchange of college rooms is permitted at Princeton until April 27.

All subscribers who did not get yesterday's copy, can obtain one by calling at Leavitt amp; Pierce's.

After the settling of accounts for the last college year, Princeton finds $6.11 in her base-ball treasury.

Tom Gunning of the Boston nine has been engaged to train the Holy Cross College nine in Worcester.

At its semi-centennial, Columbia had one hundred and twelve students. It now has about sixteen hundred.

The running high jump was won at the last winter meeting at Princeton by Mr. Paddock at 5 feet 3 inches.

It is reported that more students have applied for admission to Evelyn College than can be accommodated.

Candidates for the freshman nine are going to remain in Cambridge during the recess, and are requested to meet at the gymnasium every afternoon at 3.

The Yale launch is receiving a thorough overhauling at Fair Haven. The repairs will be completed about April 8.

A school for women will soon be started in connection with Princeton. It will be conducted on the same plan as the Annex.

Members of Political Economy I. A. are expected to review the subject of international trade and value, for the first recitation after the recess.

It is rumored that Lange, the amateur champion walker, has entered Columbia to take part in the Mott Haven games. His record is 6 minutes 45 1-5 seconds.

Technology held an enjoyable afternoon party Saturday, in spite of the weather. The attendance was large. The dance was under the auspices of the different fraternities.

The Yale nine will have suits for the coming season as follows: Blue stockings, gray breeches, white jerseys with a blue Y, a blue cardigan jacket, a blazer, blue and black, and a gray cap.

The following is an example of Western wit from the Indian Student:

WE DUN OWE.bts eve ryo newh oo wes usoned ollaro r mo refo rthis pape rwillp lea senotrea d itan ymore un til heha spa idhisde.

Some verdant freshman has painted a large "90" on the outside of the boat-house along side of the "88," which has been there since the races last May. Hopeful '90 doesn't appear to fully appreciate that a race ought to have been won before his efforts with the brush were essayed.

Captain Quackenboss of the Dartmouth base-ball nine has made up his nine for the vacation trip as follows: Aiken, p. and c. f.; Johnson, c. and r. f.; Chandler, 1b.; Keay, 2b.; Quackenboss, 3b.; Dascomb, s. s.; Ranlett, l. f.; Scruton, c. f. and p.; Artz, r. f. and c.; substitutes, Hadlock and Viaw. They will play a game with the Harvard nine April 9.