Amateur Base-Ball Championship.

Two series will be played, one between the Bostons, Victors and Baby Ansons, the other between the Crimsons, Volunteers and Pittsburgs. The winners of these series will play one game for the amateur championship.

All games at 10.30 a.m. sharp on Jarvis field.

May 7 - Bostons vs. Victors.

May 10 - Crimsons vs. Volunteers.

May 12 - Baby Ansons vs. Bostons.

May 14 - Crimsons vs. Pittsburgs.

May 17 - Baby Ansons vs. Victors.

May 19 - Pittsburgs vs. Volunteers.

May 21 - Bostons vs. Victors.

May 24 - Crimsons vs. Volunteers.

May 26 - Baby Ansons vs. Bostons.

May 28 - Crimsons vs. Pittsburgs.

May 30 - Baby Ansons vs. Victors.

May 31 - Pittsburgs vs. Volunteers.

June 4 - Winners of the two series.

The rules of the College B. B. League will govern the games. No game is to be postponed except on account of the weather.