Co-operative Society.

Rules regulating receipt and sale of second-hand books:

Any member of the University may deposit second-hand books with the Society, to be sold under the following conditions:

1. The Society reserves the right to return all unsold books at the end of six months, and also reserves the right to refuse to receive books obviously unsalable.

2. In all cases in which the price has been determined by agreement between the depositor and the agent of the Society, or by the agent alone, no commission will be charged if the Society exercises its privilege of return at the end of six months.

3. In all cases in which the price is fixed by the depositor alone, a commission will be charged on the sale or return.

4. Depositors may withdraw books deposited at any time, provided that no book shall be withdrawn within thirty days of deposit except on payment of a commission.

By order of the Directors.