Special Notices.

Notices, if not more than five lines, inserted in this column for 50 cents each insertion, or $2.00 a week. For over five lines, the rates are doubled. Short "Lost" and "Found" notices, if inserted once, free; every additional insertional insertion

PHYSICS B.- Tutoring done in this course by M. L. BRUUER, 63 College House. j25 6t

TUTORING in Pol. Econ. 1 by W. P. ELKINS, 52 College House. No charge if student fails to pass the examination. j25 4t

TUTORING in Latin A, German A and French A and 1. G. BRADFORD, JR., 8 Prescott St., Cambridge. j25 tf

TUTORING in Chem. A, C and 2; Math. A, C and D; and French A and 1. Seminar in Freshman Chemistry the night before the examination, at 7.30.

PERRY LAWTON, '88, 25 Hollis Hall.j25 5t

TUTORING IN H. 1 AND 2, Chem. A and C. N. H. 1. I shall review H. 1 and 2 with old examination papers and Syllabi, the evenings preceding the examinations, in each, at my room.

W. J. BOWEN, 32 Hollis.j21 6t

TUTORING in Greek, Latin, French. F. D. KALOPOTHAKES, 18 Stoughton. j23 6t

POLITICAL ECONOMY 1, Philosophy 11. Tutoring. Law school, 2-4 p. m. or address 23 Irving street. J. M. SHAHAN. j23 6t

POLITICAL ECONOMY 1, Philosophy 2, History 13 Tutoring. J. A. BAILEY, '88, 31 Stoughton. j23 6t

GERMAN A. Tutoring by a graduate, 84, summa cum laude. Address, E. L. DROWN, 23 Lawrence Hall, Brattle St. j21 6t

TUTORING in HIstory 1, 2 and Polit. Econ. 1. E. L. CONANT, 40 M. j21 6t

POLITICAL IV. NOTES.- One set for ale at POWERS'S, 30 Boylston street, near post office. j18

TUTORING in History 2 and Political Economy 4. FREDERICK GREEN, 29 Matthews. j20 6t

FINE ARTS 4, Philosophy 11, Pol. Econ. 4, History 12. Tutoring.

WILLIAM W. NOLEN, 6 Little's Block.j20 tf