Fact and Rumor.

Vespers this afternoon at 5 o'clock.

There are no recitations in any courses to-day.

The Loan Fund Assignments are now payable at the bursar's office.

This is the annual day of prayer for colleges, observed throughout the country.

A meeting will be held at the Y. M. C. A. rooms to night at 6.30, to which all students are invited.

Two of the sons of ex-President Hayes have graduated at Cornell and a third attended college there.

The college has decided to hold here after the admission examinations at Albany as well as at the other large cities.

Professor Laughlin is going to start immediately for the Babamas, where he will stay until the middle of March, when he will go into business in New York.

At the last meeting of the Canoe Club, the following men were elected members: C. Downer, '89; G. L. Mandell, '89; C. D. Wetmore, '89; G. Blagden, '90; B. H. Dickson, '90; R. W. Herrick, '90; H. de F. Lockwood, '90; P. S. Parker, '90; C. F. LeLand, '91; L. M. Green, '91.

At the junior promenade at Yale, two sheels used by the 'Varsity crew, were hung overhead across the hall; also appropriate floral devices commemorated foot-ball and base-ball victories.

Owing to the cold weather Tuesday night the CRIMSON press refused to do its work, and all who failed to get their copies of Wednesday's papers may obtain them at Leavitt's or Aimee's.

The Columbia College library is said to be the best managed in the world. Writing materials are furnished for the visitors, and light meals are supplied to these students who are too busy to leave their work.- Princetonian.

H. J. Furber, jr., a young graduate of the late Chicago University, who is now studying in Berlin, is preparing to found a great university similar to that at Heidelberg in Chicago. He will devote $1,000,000 as an inducement for others to join in the movement.

The registration blanks of the following special students are defective and should be corrected at once: Austrian, Bartley. Bates, Benson, Buffum, Bullock, R. J. Clark, Foss, Gould, Hambleton, R. H. Harris, D. H. Heywood, Higginson, Horne, A. Lee, Longstreth, S. A. Lord, Mancha, Martin, E-2, Morgan, Nuss, Papazian, Pennington, Richards, Ross. Sears, Shirasu, C. H. Stone, Tevis, J. H. Walker, Willard, Wines, Wynne.

At the Intercollegiate Base-Ball League meeting in New York next Saturday evening, the advisability of admitting Dartmouth will be considered. The meeting last Saturday night was not fully attended, and the only business done was the election of officers as follows: President, W. L. Velie of Yale; vice-president, C. W. McAlpine of Princeton; secretary and treasurer, Thornton Woodbury of Harvard.