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The news comes from New Haven that, not content with the present rowing advantages which Yale has over her competitors, it has been decided that a new tank is not only desirable but necessary, While Yale is thus showing energy and enterprise in boating matters, Harvard, in marked contrast, is apparently doing nothing to advance her interests in this branch of athletics. The defeat of last year has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that under present conditions Harvard's chances of winning are practically worthless. If we would compete with Yale on equal footing we must have a rowing tank.

The sentiment of the college is in favor of the erection of such a tank and a site has been chosen and approved by the boating men. Funds only are lacking and it seems to us that in the present state of college feeling, the raising of such funds would not be a difficult matter. We all desire to see Harvard in athletics restored to her old position in the foremost rank of American colleges. Each successive defeat pushes us further from the front and if we do not desire to see in the spring one more victory added to Yale's already long list, we must place our crew in a position where it can struggle with Yale on equal terms.