Co-operative Society Bulletin.

Dividends payable this week determined by lot, Nos. 300 to 400. Checks will be sent. Receipts for same need not be returned. One hundred Nos. are payable every week. The dividend book is in the office.

It is intended that the furniture department will be closed at the end of this week. Some of the goods have been reduced to cost.

Ready in Book Room: John Fiske's "The Critical Period in American History."

The book stock is now the largest and most complete that will be offered this year, as only a few special books will be added for the holiday trade. This department cannot continue to sell text-books at the minimum rates offered this year unless its profits on general books are made considerable by increased sales. The rates at which all books are offered are as low as can be found anywhere, excepting possible cases of forced sales of surplus stock or of shop-worn books.

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