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Today and tomorrow will occur the annual rush of students from Cambridge to pass Thanksgiving day in some spot more congenial than the precincts of the University. We wish to repeat to all who leave Cambridge, whether they go to feast with their families or to search for a foot-ball game, the warning that has come from official sources; namely, that although the students have never been strictly limited to a holiday of twenty-four hours only at this season of the year, the practice of extending the vacation to several days must not be carried too far. The faculty has intimated this fall that those who remain away from Cambridge for more than three days will be severely dealt with. We advise those men who have made arrangements which will cause a longer absence than three days, to consult with the Dean at once and give in full their reasons for the vacation they propose taking. Some trouble may be avoided by following this advice. In any case, students have a fair warning of the intentions of the faculty.