Amherst Senate Aroused.

The Amherst senate voted on Saturday afternoon to suspend from college for the rest of the term Richard Belcher, president of the Amherst FootBall Association. The senate last June imposed three conditions upon the managers of the football eleven-that $400 be raised for arranging for any game, that candidates for the baseball nine shall not play on the eleven, that members of the eleven receive proper training by a competent trainer. A committee of the senate found that the first had been observed and the other two broken. Belcher explained satisfactorily his unsuccessful attempt to comply with the third condition, but was not pardoned for his violation of the second. He states that he received an incorrect idea of the rule, and thought that candidates for the nine would be allowed to play football if they had permission from the captain. He thinks it unfair for the senate to take this action without having made any complaint earlier in the season, when the matter might have been ad justed. Belcher will probably not return to Amherst next term, but will join Williams or some other college.