The Yale Fence.

The whereabouts of the Yale fence, which vanished over night last June, have been a mystery to Yale graduates of former years. Many thought that it had been burned in the celebration of some athletic victory, but recent disclosures have proved this supposition false. When the Yale faculty decided last spring that the fence had to be removed to make room for a new recitation hall, a great deal of bad feeling between the student body and the faculty resulted. All efforts on the part of graduates and of undergraduates to save the fence from destruction were of no avail. After the final decision of the faculty, preparations were made by the undergraduates, especially by the senior societies, to tear down the fence, and to carry off parts of it as souvenirs. One night, shortly after the Harvard-Yale freshman game at New Haven, some members of the Scroll and Keys society, having heard that the Skull and Bones intended to carry away the choicest sections of the fence on the corner of Chapel and College streets, got ahead of the Bones and carried that portion of the fence off to their society building. On the following day "Bones" took its share of the fence, and so did "Wolf's Head," the third senir society. Then there was a general rending apart of the old rails and posts, and sent in small parcels to graduates all over the country, so that at present portions of the once historic Yale fence can be seen in all large cities and towns of the United States.