Yale's Chances for the BaseBall Championship.

With the end of the football season, Yale naturally looks forward to the spring and weighs the chances for the success of her crew and nine. The crew bids fair to be the equal of last year's eight, and Yale can look forward to the Yale-Harvard and Yale-Pennsylvania races with reasonable hopes of success. In the matter of the nine, the college is somewhat downhearted. Stagg, it is said, has absolutely refused to play next season. But Yale has a way of persuading delinquents in athletic matters which seldom fails of success, and it seems scarcely possible that she will be represented on the ball field by a team in which Stagg is not included. Dalzell, the only remaining candidate, was change pitcher of last year's nine and is considered a very promising pitcher. He has great speed, and it will be difficult to find a man to hold him. Dann, the old Yale catcher, is not now in college, and his loss will be severely felt with this battery. Yale would have experienced litttle difficulty in defeating her old opponents again this year; but, with a new battery, it remains to be seen whether she can retain the championship which she has held for three successive years.