Service at Appleton Chapel Last Evening.

Last evening Rev. Francis G. Peabody delivered the address at Appleton Chapel. He took his text from the twentieth chapter of the first book of Kings, which tells of the deliverance by God of the Syrian army into the hands of the Israelites because they said that God was only God of the hills and not of the valleys.

The speaker said that our life with its great diversity of joy and sorrow, opens like the battle of the Syrians and Israelits among the hills and valleys of Samaria. We, like the Syrians, are too apt to disregard the influence of God on the average man of the valley, and we place our attention and admiration upon the fortunate ones who have reached the mountain summits of success. But God rules among the hills and valleys alike and it is only from the later stage of mediocrity that the advance of morality is reckoned.

Anthems by Shelly, Whitney, and Percival were sung by the choir.