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A complaint that has been made in past years again comes to our notice. It is that men taking their afternoon exercise run on Brattle and Craigie streets as well as on North Avenue. North Avenue for several years has been the customary place for men running alone or in teams to take their exercise. Cambridge people have given their tacit consent to this arrangement, and those who do not want to meet the men running can generally avoid North Avenue in the late afternoon. When, however, other Cambridge streets are used indiscriminately this mutual understanding is violated by us. Cambridge people have, of course, a right to ask that the men should run on one street only. It is not pleasant for a lady to find herself suddenly surrounded by a lot of scantily-clad men. The men who have run on Craigie and Brattle streets are freshmen who did not know the custom, and so are excusable for the unintentional breach of faith. North Avenue is the best street in Cambridge to run on, as its side-walks are wider than those on any other. So it can be no sacrifice on the part of the men to follow out this request of the Cambridge people.