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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON:- I wish to make a suggestion in your columns in regard to one of our musical societies here. Please understand that it is only a suggestion and that the writer is in some doubt as to its practicability. He invites discussion on the question. Of the two rehearsals which the Glee Club has a week, one is generally under Mr. Locke's direction, while the regualr leader of the club has charge of the other. This scheme has proved exceedingly beneficial to the club and account not a little for its present high standard. Would not an analogous plan in regard the Pierian Sodality prove beneficial to it also, and tend to raise the standard of our college orchestra? The writer has nothing but praise for the present conductor and congratulates the society in having one so fitted for the place; at the same time may not the question be asked: "Are not the services of a professional coach just as valuable in case of an orchestra as in base-ball or foot-ball?" The question is worth consideration I think. From a pecuniary standpoint the society need not hesitate a moment.