Yale Nine.

The candidates for the Yale Nine have been training in the cage for about five weeks, The greater part of the training has been in batting, each man having a turn regularly every day. Captain Stagg is teaching the new nine. Of last year's team, Stagg, Dann, Spencer, McConkey, Noyes, Stewart and Hurst, and substitutes Heyworth, Osborn, McClintock and Wurtenberg are candidates again this year. The new men are doing very good work. Phelps, P. G., who played in his class team while in college is a poor batter, although a good fielder.

Dickerman, a substitute in the Amherst nine in '86, is a good batter, but poor fielder. Calhoun, a member of the '90 team last year, is a sure batter and fine base runner, but unsteady in his fielding.

The freshmen trying for positions in the 'Varsity are McBride, a heavy batter, Dalzell, candidate for change pitcher, Poole, second base in the Andover nine last year, Root and N. McClintock. Probably all these men will remain in training until the Easter recess.