Fellowships at Yale.

With the exception of Harvard, no university in America offers more advantages in fellowships and scholarships than Yale; and those at Yale, though far less in number than those at Harvard, are yet, on an average, superior in value and in time of incumbency. The first in point of age is the Douglass Fellowship founded by Mrs. Samuel Miller in memory of her brothers,who were both Yale graduates. This fellowship, wiht a yearly income of $600, may be held for three years. The Soldiers' Memorial Fellowship yields also an income of $600, but it is more valuable than the preceding from the fact that, at the discretion of the faculty, it may be held for even five years. The incumbent. by a provision of the fellowship, must be one who has shown especial proficiency in Greek. A part or the whole of the allotted time may, for purposes of better study, be spent at Athens, in connection with the American School for classical studies. Still another fellowship, with the same annual income of $600, is awarded to that member of the Academic Department who shall show most evidence of attainments and promise in any branch of physical science. This fellowship, founded in memory of Benjamin Silliman, a former professor, is like the rest granted for three years.

Besides these fellowships, there is an income of about $2000 which is divided into eight scholarships. These may be held for one or even more years.