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It cannot properly be said that the interest manifested in lacrosse is reviving, for it has never been subject to the same fluctuations of enthusiasm characteristic of many other sports, but the attention paid to the game is certainly greater now than ever before. There are many men in college who not having the sufficient amount of training and practice to compete successfully in track athletics, base-ball or rowing, recognize that in lacrosse can be found one of the best means of obtaining thorough and systematic exercise. Contrary to the experience of most of the members of our 'varsity teams, the lacrosse players have the pleasant retrospect of a series of hard earned championships and the happy prosect of repeating the performance again an occurence which is becoming so rare here as to excite something akin to amazement. So far this season the lacrosse team has only been able to play a single game, resulting in a tie, but as the members of the team have not yet been definitely selected, a candidate has good reason to trust that with hard work, he may attain a distinctin which is so uncommon at Harvard as to be precious-that of playing on a team which actually wins championships.