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New Buildings at Columbia.

It is proposed by the college authorities to make extensive improvements in the Columbia College buildings in the coming summer. The changes are to be made under the direction of Charles C. Haight, a New York architect. The plans include an extension of the School of Mines building so that it will be four stories high with a basement. A tower will occupy the space of 45x60 feet on the corner of Fourth avenue and 49th street. A new lecture hall 40x60 feet is to be built on the site at present occupied by the president's house. It is not yet fully decided whether the new lecture hall shall be constructed separately or shall be made into one building with the extension of the School of Mines hall. Besides these buildings, an imposing administration structure is prepared. It is not yet fully decided whether this last plan will be carried out. The work on the Lecture Hall and School of Mines building will begin very soon.