The Spring Concert.

Every seat was taken in Sanders Theatre last night on the occasion of the last musical concert of the year. The Cambridge audiences seem to inspire the clubs, for nowhere do they give more finished performances. The first part of the programme dragged a little. The Banjo Club appeared first with the selection "Leaning on the Garden Gate." The club does not yet play with the finish one would expect, but in the second number they were encored at each appearance. The Glee Club gave a group of college songs, but with a certain lack of life. One feature was a tenor solo by Mr. Willard, who sang the "Russian Song" with much delicacy. The "Bill of Fare" quartette "took" as usual. The Pierian is certainly ambitious in attempting the andante and minuet from Mozart's E. 6 symphony, but they were not far behind in success; the Minuet was given with a vigor seldom heard in the organization. The Glee Club gave as its glees "Dearest Awake" and "Heinz von Stein." The latter made quite a hit, and was repeated. In the second part the Pierian strings gave Rheinholds prelude and after a rough introduction performed the number in a delicate and distinct manner. A word is due Mr. Whipple as he retires, for he certainly has done remarkably well in face of the general lack of interest shown in the Pierian of late years. He has had much to overcome of poor individual playing and listlessness. The Glee Club was at its best in its last appearance, was repeatedly encored and really did itself honor. Mr. Swarts in his "Capture of Bacchus" is able to show his clear full tones at a great advantage and was heartily encored. The quartette made a great success in "Mary's Little Wise Lamb." Mr. Carpenter's yodel will be greatly missed another year, as it has formed one of the most attractive parts of the programmes for several years. The last number of the evening was the "College Lyric" which was composed by Leo Lewis, '88. It shows a well-developed talent, though a little too difficult for the Pierian, and the chorus was rather heavy. The programme was much shorter than usual, but was lengthened by the encores.