Tennis Tournament.

The exhibition match between Q. A. Shaw, winner of the spring tournament, and P. S. Sears, champion in singles, was played yesterday afternoon on the Beck Hall courts. The interest of the tournament was centred in this match, and many spectators applauded the good play of the contestants. The first set went to Sears-6-1. Shaw played more strongly and won the second set -6-3. Sears won the third-6-4-and the fourth-6-3. The returns were swift and well placed, neither player daring to come up.

An exhibition match will be played at 11 o'clock to-day between Lee and Tallant and Snow and Tailer, on Beck Hall courts.

Second prize singles: Lee beat Rogers-6-4, 6-3; Tailer beat Hale-6-3, 6-1. Lee beat Tailer-6-4, 6-1.