Columbia College Notes.

In the last annual report of President Barnard of Columbia College, there is an urgent appeal to make that college more exclusively an institution for graduate instruction. President Barnard speaks very strongly in favor of the plan, even going so far as to say that "it would not be educationally a misfortune if Columbia College should cease to exist as a school for undergraduate students." With this end in view it is proposed to add to the library books particularly designed for postgraduate courses. Under the subject of the "Library" the report says:

"As the importance of our library for purposes of superior instruction is becoming every year more and more felt, the necessity for an extension of its accommodations must necessarily occupy attention. The use of the library is continually increasing, so that it is not an infrequent occurrence to find it impossible to obtain even a seat. There seems to be considerable difference of opinion as to the kind of enlargement to be adopted, but it is greatly to be feared that no plan can be proposed which can provide adequately on the present site for all the various and increasing operations of the institution. By the end of this century, unless relief can be in some measure obtained, the situation will become intolerable, and, considering the deliberation with which great bodies usually move, the solution of the problem is not likely to be found in less than another decade, even if attention is given to it immediately and continuously."