Lawn Tennis.

The tennis courts on Holmes and Jarvis Fields are now ready for use. The courts on Jarvis have been entirely made over during the summer and are in excellent condition. A new method is to be tried this year in the management of the courts which will do away with the nuisance of carrying small change when going to play. Two kinds of tickets are to be sold. The first is a season ticket sold for $5. It is good from Oct. 1 to June 25 and entitles the holder to the use of any unoccupied court, but gives him no right to turn other players off a court. These tickets may be obtained at 47 Matthews between 1.30 and 2.30 today or any evening next week between 8 and 10 p.m.

The second kind of ticket consists in a sheet of 25 coupons, each marked five cents. The price for play is as follows: Dirt courts for doubles, 10 cents a player, or 2 coupons; singles, 15 cents, or 3 coupons. Grass courts doubles, 20 cents a player, or 4 coupons; singles, 25 cents, or 5 coupons. Twenty-five coupons are sold for $1.00, so that by buying them a player saves 20 per cent. on the cash price. These coupons will be on sale next Monday at the Co-operative store.