The Yale Crew.

About sixteen new candidates for the Yale crew began training on Friday. Carter, Gill and Corbin, who last year were considered the strongest oars in college, have signified their intention of not training for this year's crew; but the opinion seems prevalent at New Haven that they will be induced to begin rowing within a few weeks at any rate. If Caldwell, the famous stroke, who is now in the Yale Theological School, can be induced to take his old position, there is little doubt that Yale will send to New London a crew which will compare favorably with last year's crew, which was considered the best ever representing any college. The makeup of the crew will probably be: No. 1, to be filled; No. 2, Gill, '89; No. 3, Brewster, '91; No. 4, Hartwell, '89; No. 5, Woodruff, '89 (captain), No. 6, Corbin, '89; No. 7, Carter, '87; stroke, Caldwell, '87. There are many strong candidates for the position at bow. Among them, Rhodes, '91, captain of next year's football team, is as promising as any. He pulled No. 3 on his class crew last year, and has played on the 'varsity eleven for two years. He is a plucky oarsmen and could be depended on to do good work as No. 1. If Caldwell cannot be induced to take stroke, the position will probably be assigned to Harrison, '90, or to Rogers, '90 S. Both men have rowed on their class crews, and either could be trained to fill the important position acceptably. Taking everything into consideration, Yale's chances are of the brightest nature. The candidates will have the advantage of rowing in the tank during the whole winter, and is going on the harbor as early as the latter part of February or the first of March. Captain Woodruff is a thorough oarsman himself, and his experience coupled with the coaching of Bob Cook, will go far toward making the '89 crew a model one.