Mr. Lawton's Reading.

Mr. Lawton gave his second reading in the "Medea of Euripides" last night in Sever 11.

Before beginning the translation itself, Mr. Lawton briefly reviewed the story of the Medea and gave a short synopsis of the principal scenes and characters in the play, so that those who were not at the first lecture might be made thoroughly familiar with the personality and surroundings of the drama. Mr. Lawton began his reading at the third Episode and finished the play. He did not attempt to give a dramatic delivery of the story, but to tell it in such a way that an intelligent comprehension of its true greatness might be gained by the audience. Mr. Lawton's rhythmic translation was most pleasing to the ear, and his attempts to render the odes into English verse of the Trochaic metre was signally successful. The college is indebted to Mr. Lawton for his lectures, and to the Classical Club for the energy which they have displayed thus early in the term.