The Columbia Spectator Sharply Criticized.

The following editorial from the Yale News, shows the sentiment of another college on the offensive article about Harvard which appeared in the last number of the Colambia Spectator:-

In behalf of the good name of college journalism we feel called upon to commend heartily the Crimson's dignified reply to the recent sneering attack upon Harvard's athletic methods, in the Columbia Spectator. It is in very bad taste, to say the least, for a paper of the standing which the Spectator has always held hitherto, to ridicule the defeats of another college, and to make the spiteful accusations that it does. We cannot understand the spirit that has prompted the Spectator in these attacks upon other colleges, and are sure it is not that of the better element of Columbia. If the Spectator wishes to command any respect or retain any friends let it abandon sensational methods and this would-be facetious style of writing, and confine itself to honest, good-natured humor.