Hare and Hounds.

The second hare and hounds run of the H. A. A. took place yesterday afternoon. The hares, T. T. Seelye, L. S., and J. D. Gorham, '90, left the gymnasium at 4.03. The hounds, led by C. A. Davenport, '90, followed seven minutes later. The trail led out Garden street to Appian way, thence through back yards to the reservoir; from there across fields to the Fitchburg track; up the track beyond Mt. Auburn and then to Allston; and from Allston to Barry's corner where the break was made. The trail made a run of about six miles and was an unusually good one. The hares returned at 4.51, making the run in forty-eight minutes. The first hounds is were W. Alexander, L. S., and H. A. Davis, '91. They got in two minutes within the allotted time, thereby winning the cups.