Ninety-three, 66; Roxbury Latin, 0.

The freshmen played one 45-minute half with Roxbury Latin yesterday afternoon defeating them by a score of 66-0. Roxbury's men were very light and could do nothing with Ninety-three's rush line. Post '93 played left guard for Roxbury in the absence of Meehan. Ninety-three took the north goal. The ball was carried immediately to Roxbury's goal and inside of three minutes Ninety-three made a touchdown. Brice kicked a goal. Score 6-0. Good rushes by Brice and Jameson brought play to the five yard line and in five minutes the ball was placed behind the line. No goal. Score 10-0. Play was resumed at the 25 yard line. A series of kicks by Atwater put the ball in the middle of the field but good rushes by Ninety-three's backs placed it behind Roxbury's goal. No goal. Score 14-0. Ingalls got the ball on Atwater's kick, rushed it along to the five yard line and was soon pushed over. Brice failed in his attempt at a goal. Score 18-0. The backs rushed well and Dunn soon made a touchdown. No goal. Score 22-0. Ingalls and Dunn gained ground and Parker by a good push scored. No goal. Score 26-0. Ingalls got the ball on Atwater's kick and assisted by Ellsworth gained ten yards. Kendricken passed to Parker who rushed by the end and scored another touchdown. No goal. Score 30-0. In a short time Ninety-three scored again. No goal. Score 34-0. Kendricken's muff of Atwater's kick lost ground. Elllsworth, Slade and Parker rushed. Ingalls scored. Slade kicked the goal. Scored 40-0. Play then began in the middle of the field. Roxbury's ball. Chew took the ball on Atwater's kick and rushed it well down the field. Slade carried it over. No goal. Score 44-0. Parker rushed well and scored. No goal. Score 48-0. Kendricken passed to Dunn who by good dodging and unassisted made a touchdown. Slade kicked a goal. Score 54-0. Dunn kicked. Ingalls got Atwater's return and gained five yards. Rushes by Bisbee, Ingalls, Parker and Dunn brought the play close to Roxbury's goal. Slade was pushed over. Brice kicked a goal. Score 60-0. Atwater's kick sent the ball close to Ninety-three goal but a return kick advanced the ball. The rushers did good work and soon scored. Brice kicked a goal. Score 66-0. Dunn, Slade, Parker and Ingalls did the best work. The teams were made up as follows:

Ninety-three-Rushers: Collamore, Dunn, Slade, Brice, Davis, Ellsworth, Chew; quarter, back, Kendrtcken; half backs, Parker, Ingalls; fullback, Bisbee.

Roxbury Latin-Rushers: Hayes, Hoag, Kimball, Ware, Post, '93, Dunning, Batchelder; quarter-back, Cabot; halfbacks; Sherwin, Jameson; fullback Atwater. Referee, J. H. Hunt '92, umpire, R. Beals, Roxbury Latin.