"Harvard's Way of Doing it."

Last Saturday's New York Herald contained an article. entitled "Harvard's Way of Dolng it," according to which a member of the Harvard nine was in Phi adelphia last week trying to get Ammerman of the University of Pennsylvanu to leave his college and enter Harvard to play on the nine. Captain Linn denies the truth of this article and says it has positively no foundation. The article is verbatim as follows:

PILLADELPHIA, Pa., Nov. 15, 1889-Another instance of the prevalent and pernicious system of "ringing in" outsider came to light here today. R. S. Ammerman of Danville. Pa., is a member of the University of Pennsylvania Law school and a very fine base ball player. An influential member of the Harvard nine was in town yesterday and today endeavoring to get Ammerman to leave Pennsylvania and enter Harvard. He offered to have Ammerman's tuition and board paid and give im a cash bonus besides. He even went went so far as to tell Ammerman that there was a ticket to Boston waiting for him at the Pennsylvania Railroad station. Ammerman refused his offer and said he went to Pennsylvania on his own account and would go to no institution on other terms.