Harvard Wins Her First Championship Game.


Harvard won her first championship game Saturday afternoon, defeating the University of Pennsylvania by a score of thirty-five to nothing. The teams were as follows:


Cumnock, end Diggles

Blanchard tackle Wood

Cranston guard Bowser

Tilton center Wright

P, Trafford guard Shannon (Winsor)

Stickney tackle Dewey

Hutchinson end Zeigler

Harding quarter-back, Church (capt)

Saxe half-backs Valentine

Fearing (Lee) half-backs Hulme

B. Trafford full-back Thayer

Pennsylvania presented a strong team and Harvard had much harder work to win than the score indicates. Harvard's general play was somewhat disappointing. At times her work was brilliant while at others it was extremely loose. The rush line failed to block well, and Pennsylvania had little trouble in finding holes in it. The tackling except on the part of 3 or 4 men was high and at times far from effective. The blocking off all through the game was weak and much poorer than that in the Wesleyan game of a week ago. In the rush line Hutchinson's man held him badly and the halfbacks were thus enabled to get around his end frequently; they rushed between him and Stickney also often without being tackled. Tilton got through well, but almost always overran the runner, thus leaving a large hole in the center for him to go through. Cumnock tackled well, especially in the first half, but Hulme got around his end more than once. This was the result, however, of holding which Wallace allowed all the Pennsylvania men freely to indulge in. Harding at quarterback, played very poorly. His passing at times was inaccurate, and until the last part of the game he ran the halfbacks altogether through the center with repeated loss of ground. Lee made some good rushes around the end but fumbled badly.

Pennsylvania did some fine work and completely outplayed Harvard at several stages of the game. Her halfbacks played brilliantly all through and made some remarkable rushes.

The game began at 2.40 p. m., Harvard having the west end of the field and Pennsylvania the ball. Church dribbled to Hulme who ran behind the V that was formed and gained ten yards. The ball soon went to Harvard on four downs, and Trafford kicked on the third down. Hulme made a flare catch on the thirty-five yard line and kicked. Saxe caught it on the run and got thirty yards. Stickney, Saxe and Fearing gained 13 yards but Pennsylvania's rushers broke through and got the ball. Valentine ran around Cumnock's end and gained twenty yards. On the third down Thayer bunted through the rush line and gained the register five yards. Three more downs, and Thayer kicked. Chureh tackled Saxe when he tried to run on catching the ball. Blanchard failed to gain and Trafford kicked. Hulme made a fine run diagonally across the field and gained twenty yards. Cumnock broke through and downed Dewey before he could get started with the ball. Thayer kicked and Saxe returned and the ball was at Pennsylvania's fifteen yard line. Hulme and Thayer made no gain but Harvard lost five yards on P. Trafford's off-side play. Harvard secured the ball and Blanchard, Fearing and Saxe advanced it. Harvard was given five yards for Pennsylvania's off side play and Saxe on the second down, pushed across the line and secored. Time 15 minutes. Goal by Trafford. Score 6-0. Winsor was substituted for Shannon. After the ball was put in play Thayer and Valentine gained ten yards. Harding broke through and stopped Hulme and Blanchard dropped on the ball when Thayer fumbled a moment later. Fearing, P. Trafford, Saxe and Blanchard carried the ball steadily forward by means of short rushes, and it was Harvard's on Pennsylvania's three yard line. Fearing bunted twice into the crowd with no gain. On the third down, however, the ball was passed to Trafford who kicked a pretty goal from the field. Time twenty-five minutes. Score, 11-0. When play began again Saxe muffed Thayer's kick and Pennsylvania got the ball. Blanchard stopped Hulme and Fearing tackled Valentine. Thayer could not gain and four downs gave the ball to Harvard. Blanchard started to rush and dropped the ball, but Pennsylvania could make no gain and Thayer kicked. Valentine rushed ahead and dropped on the ball at Harvard's twenty-five yard line. Thayer and Saxe kicked and Harvard finally got the ball. Stickney made a fine gain of twenty-five yards, warding off well with his arms. Trafford followed with a rush of fifteen yards but Pennsylvania got the ball on Harvard's off side play. Four downs gave it to Harvard again and Trafford made an ineffectual try for goal from the field. B. Trafford caught the ball after the kick-off and ran ten yards. He finally kicked it over Pennsylvania's line for a touchback. When the ball was brought out again he made another try for a goal. Fearing got through a hole and brought the play near Pennsylvania's line. Saxe got across and scored. Time 30 eight minutes. Goal. Score 17-0. Pennsylvania formed a V from behind which Thayer ran and then kicked. B. Trafford got the ball and then fumbled it badly. The play was forced down toward's Harvard's goal when P. Trafford got the ball and ran thirty-five yards. After this Pennsylvania advanced steadily to Harvards five yard line, where Church lost the ball by unfair play. Time was called immediately after. Score, Harvard 17 Pennsylvania 0.

Lee took Fearing's place in the second-half. Harvard had the ball and Harding made ten yards at the kick off. He fumbled it in a moment, however, and Pennsylvania began forcing it ahead. Valentine and Hulme went through the Harvard rushers at will and the ball was at Harvard's ten-yard line. Thayer fumbled and P. Trafford fell on the ball. Trafford kicked and P. Trafford picked up the leather and rushed 15 yards. Lee and Saxe fumbled badly, but Harvard luckily kept the ball. On Saxe's fumble again, Pennsylvania got the ball and Hulme, Valentine and Dewey advanced it twenty-five yards nearer Harvard's line. On a foul Harvard got the play and Lee made fifteen yards. Harding made a poor pass to Lee who finally got the ball and then dropped it. Hulme made six yards, but Church, Pennsylvania's quarterback, tried to run with the ball, and the referee gave it to Harvard on a foul play. Lee and P. Trafford gained a few yards but on a third down Trafford kicked. The ball went over Pennsylvania's line for a touch back. When it was brought out Hulme failed to advance, and the leather went to Harvard. Saxe got a good start but Dewey tackled him well. He and Lee bunted in vain against Pennsylvania's heavy center but Harvard kept the ball by losing twenty yards. Lee made a fine rush around the end for a gain of forty yards. A moment later he ran around the end again and scored a touchdown. Time 30 minutes. Goal Score 23-0. When the ball was brought out Valentine gained three yards. Hutchinson broke through and tackled Hulme, but Valentine in turn wriggled his way through Harvard's center and gained fifteen yards. Harvard began playing much more sharply. Thayer fumbled and Harvard got the ball. Lee made another fine run and Stickney took the ball far up the field by a brilliant rush. Lee fumbled but Harvard kept the ball. Saxe and Lee got ten yards between them, and five yards more were given for interference. Lee forced his way through the crowd for a slight gain, and then was given the ball and made one of his pretty rushes around the end and scored a touchdown. Time 40 minutes. Goal. Score 29-0. When the ball was put in play, Valentine gained a little. Blanchard broke through on the run and stopped Hulme. Thayer punted after the third down. Cranston stopped the kick, picked up the ball and ran half the length of the field scoring a touchdown. Time 43 minutes. Goal. Harvard's play became weak again while Pennsylvania braced and carried the ball rapidly down the field. Hulme and Valentine made brilliant plays and forced their way through Harvard's ratline at every rush. Valentine started off with a beautiful rush of fifteen yards. Hulme got through between Hutchinson and Stickney and made seventeen yards more by fine dodging. He tried to run around the end, but Cumnock downed him. Thayer made a little gain, and Hulme made eight yards around Hutchinson, whose man openly held him. Thayer and Hulme found holes in the center and advanced the ball still further. On the next pass, however, P. Trafford broke through and dropped on it. Trafford kicked far up the field and Stickney dropped on the ball. Time was called immediately after. Score, Harvard, 35; University of Pennsylvania, 0. Mr. Smith of Worcester Polytechnic Institute was referee, and Mr. Wallace, formerly of the Yale team, was umpire.