The meeting of candidates for the Mott Haven team, held in the trophy room of the gymnasium last evening, was attended by over sixty men, a larger number than has ever before attended such a meeting. E. Sturgis, '90, president of the H. A. A., called the meeting to order. He said that the team, following the custom of former years, would begin training immediately after Christmas, and that it was particularly necessary to commence hard work right away because on February 15th, the Boston Athletic association would hold a handicap indoor meeting open to all amateurs, which it is hoped a large number of Harvard men will enter. Moreover, it may happen that the New York Athletic union may transfer its amateur indoor championship of America to Boston, on account of the better accommodations here. There is every reason why Harvard should work especially hard to win the cup this year. The old cup was won eight out of fourteen times by Harvard and as the new cup is to be competed for the first time this year, Harvard should make a great effort to keep up her reputation.

Each man was asked to sign a paper stating events in which he had taken part or intended to take part.

The following men were present: W. B. Greenleaf, G. L. Batchelder, K. Brown, O. K. Hawes, E. C. Moen, R. H. Davis, R. R. Endicott, C. T. R. Bates, W. H. Wright, R. G. Leavitt, E. Sturgis, S. V. R. Crosby, E. A. Bailey, J. L Dodge, W. C. Downes, C. A. Davenport, T. Stead, J. P. Lee, J. S. Cook, F. Mason, G. W. Wheelwright, L. Tremain, W. B. Cohen, O. W. Shead, J. H. Steingart, S. Wells, R, G. Fearing, W. J. H. Strong, W. L. Thompson, L. A. Frothingham, W. H. Shea, C. H. Cummings, T. C. Smith, H. Ware, G. H. Kelton. J. Hale, E. B. Hinkley, A. N. Hand, S. A. Campbell, A. S. Walcott, G. W. Priest, Edward Kent, C. T. Dole, C. R. Bardeer, H. M. Sternbergh, P. W. Davis, J. R. Jenkins, H. H. Hollis, Joshua Crane, jr., C. H. Pierce, Wisner B. Martin, Charles Walcott, B. H. Giles, A. M. White, David Gray, Gilman Collamore, F. S. Sidway, W. M. Turner, S. Saltonstall, H. B. Frost.