Princeton Class Officers.

The senior class at Princeton held a class meeting Wednesday night and elected the following officers: president, J. J. Charlton, of Oregon; secretary, L. D. Speir of New Jersey; presentation orator. H. H Janeway of New Jersey; ivy orator, F. F. Chambers of the District of Columbia: censor, H. W. Perrin of Pennsylvania; poet, D, L. Pierson of Pennsylania; class of '76 debater, J. M. Yearkle of Pennsylvania; class of '76 orator, Walter Lowrie of Pennsylvania; class orator Frank Palmer of Maine; master of ceremonies, K, L. Ames of Illinois; prophet, I. B. Smith of Iowa; class day committee, F. S. Antony, G. G. Belt; C. G. Brickham, D. D. Casement, G. m, Galt, C. R. Guerin, A. G. Jennings M. MacLaren, M. L. McDonald, W. R. Kimball, W. L. Phelps, William Piece G. V. Rickert, and Grant Weidman.