Program for the Glee Club Concert.

The program for the concert of the Glee and Banjo clubs and the Pierian Sodality, in Sanders theatre next Wednesday evening will be as follows:


1. Waltz, Santiago. Corbin Pierian Sodality.

2. College Songs

(a) Song of the Triton. Molthy

(b) Salamagundi. R. W. Atkinson '91. Words by B. A. Gould, '91.

(c. Dearest Awakel. Storch Glee Club.

3. Polka, For Love of Thee. Stearns Arranged by E. L. Osgood, '91. Banjo Club.

4. Selection from Concerto No. 7 for Violin. P. Rode L. A. Corne, '92.


5. (a) Waltz, Suite for Strings, Opera 63. R. Volkmann Pierian Sodality.

(b) Air Compose par le Roi Louis XIII. Arr. by Herris Ghys Pierian Sodality.

3. Glees

(a) Kate Kearney.

Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes.

Here's to the Maiden.

(b) The Post Horn. Schubert

(c) Maiden with lips so Rosy. Jan Gall Glee Club.

7. Braham's Medley. Arr. by E. B. Walker, '92.

Banjo Club.

8. March from Midsummer Night's Dream, Opera 69, No 9. Mendelssohn

Pierian Sodality.

9. College Songs.

(a) The Dragon. S. L. Thompson '93. Words by S. H. Batchelder, '93.

Mr. Embick and Club.

(b) If you want the Golden Apple Mr. Williams and Club.

(c) Canniballe. M. A. Taylor, '89, Mr. Fullerton and Club.

(d) Versatile Baby. L. Lewis, '88.

(e) Here's a Health to King Charles. Booth

(f) Fair Harvard.

Glee Club.

There will be dancing in Memorial Hall after the concert.