The Yale Catalogue.

The Yale catalogue for 1889-90 came out last Wednesday. The number of students in the university is 1477 divided into the following classes: Graduate courses, 81; Yale college, 736; Sheffield Scientific School, 343; Art School, 42; Divinity School, 136; Medical School, 54: Law School, 111. These figures show an increase in the number of students in every department of the university except the Art School. The total increase over last year is 112. In 1888-89 there was an increase of 120 over the previous year.

The transfer of the Thanksgiving to the Christmas vacation is made again this year, and bids fair to become permanent. No other change is observable in the calendar.

A few slight corrections have been made in the table of estimates of college expenses. The Marett fund received by the corporation in '89, has been devoted to beneficial scholarships. Moreover two new scholarships have been established, the John Sloan physical prizes, and the Scott Hurtt prizes for excellency of scholarship in the sophomore class.