The Glee Club Concert.

The first benefit concert of the Glee and Banjo clubs and Pierian Sodality took place last evening in Sanders theatre. The hall was filled to its utmost capacity with a very enthusiastic and appreciative audience. All three of the musical organizations showed up well but the honors of the evening were without doubt carried off by the Banjo club. The programme opened with the Santiago waltz by the Sodality. The selection was well executed and evidently found great favor with the audience. Four songs by the Glee club followed, of which the "Cannibalee" was best liked. Mr. Fullerton sang the solo part in this, and an encore was demanded. The next on the programme was a Stranss polka "For Love of Her" arranged for the Banjo club. The selection was played with great spirit and precision. The soloist of the evening was Mr. L. A. Corne who played a selection from Rode's Seventh Concert for the violin. Mr. Corne played with considerable feeling and depth but evidently lacked in technical skill. The second part opened with a Volkmann Suite for String Orchestra and was followed by the celebrated Louis XIII gavotte. Three glees "Kate Kearney," "Drink to me only with Thine Eyes," and "Here's to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen," were extremely creditable pieces of work and were well received. The club sang these old-fashioned songs with exquisite skill and grace. "Maiden with Lips so Rosy," and the Post Horn by Schubert, were not so well executed. The Banjo club followed with Braham's Medley and excited so much enthusiasm that it was necessary to respond to three encores. The organization clearly made the hit of the evening. The programme closed with the familiar Mendelssohn wedding march by the Sodality and a group of college songs, of which the "Spanish Proverb" and the "Versatile Baby" were the best.