The Vesper Service Yesterday.

The vesper service yesterday afternoon was opened with the hymn by the choir "Hark! hark the organ. Dr. McKenzie offered a prayer, after which the choir sang the anthem "A bide with us," by Whitney. The address was made by Rev. William Lawrence. The speaker read from the Bible the account of Peter's attempt to persuade his Master not to go to Jerusalem and of Christ's answer to the tempter. Peter, the speaker said, had been the first to realize the meaning of the Saviour's mission, but when the time came for self-denial and for action the disciple hesitated. So in the world to-day, men of every station have their ideals, but when they find between them and the fulfilment of these ideals long years of drudgery and self-sacrifice, they hold back from the struggle and are content to remain among the commonplace things of earth. Men can never be what God wishes them to be until they take Christ's saying into their hearts-"I must go up to Jerusalem," Before the closing hymn, Mr. Skinner of the Law School sang the tenor solo "O Saviour, hear us," by Gluck.