The Lacrosse Team.

The candidates for the 'varsity lacrosse team went into active training last Monday. The men, about forty in all, are divided into squads under the personal supervision of Captain Griswold. Three days in the week the candidates have stick-practice in the cage in the gymnasium, and all six days general gymnasium exercise. Seven members of last year's team are in training-Griswold, '89; Blodgett, L. S.; Harding, '89; Wells, '90; Rourke, '90; Towle, Medical School, and Thorndike, '90. The other men who have presented themselves as candidates are: Reisner, Naumburg, Vorse, Holliday, Bunker, Hall ('91), Hudson, Rust, Brewster, Haskell, Jones, Dunham, Loring (2), Leland, Seeley, Spencer, Young, Morton ('91), Hall ('92), Stetson, Morton ('90), White, Allen, Hale, Blaney, Whittemore, Pinkham, Dodge, Horn and Tudor. The majority of these men have never handled a lacrosse stick before, so that it is an almost impossible task to say whether the prospects of the team are good or bad. With the completion of the new athletic grounds back of Divinity, the lacrosse team will no longer be hampered by utterly inadequate practice-grounds, as the management expects to get free use of Jarvis Field during the spring time. This will undoubtedly be a great benefit to the men and will help the captain a good deal in developing a strong team.

So far the management has scheduled only one practice game. However, a number of teams have signified their desire to play, and games will undoubtedly be arranged in the near future.