Meeting of the Connecticut Club.

In spite of examinations and inclement weather a well-attended meeting of the Connecticut Club was held last evening in Matthews 26. The activity and enthusiasm of the members of this club is certainly an argument in favor of the existence of such organizations in the University.

The purpose of the meeting last evening was to decide about a dinner to be held some time this month. The members were called to order by the president at 7.45 o'clock. The secretary's report was dispensed with and the club proceeded at once to the business of the meeting. It was unanimously voted to have a dinner and after a short discussion it was decided to hold this dinner at the Thorndike, on the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 20. The secretary was instructed to see all members and endeavor to secure a full attendance. On motion of Mr. Babbitt, '91, the executive committee of the club, Messrs. Black, Beckwith and Cheney was empowered to make all the necessary arrangements for the dinner. The president of the club, Mr. G. H. Black, '89, was unanimously chosen toast-master; the orator of the occasion will be Mr. Williams, and the poet Mr. P. H. Cheney, '90. After the arrangement of a few other preliminaries the club adjourned.

It is earnestly desired that all the members of the club attend this dinner. It will certainly be a very pleasant occasion.