Schedule of Games for the Nine.

A complete list of the games arranged to be played by the 'varsity nine has been made out. They number twenty-eight in all, and as a general thing they are with strong teams. Appended is the list:

April 3-New Yorks, at New York.

April 4-Philadelphias, at Philadelphia.

April 5-Athletics at Philadelphia.

April 8-Bostons, at Boston.

April 13-Staten Island, at Cambridge.

April 19-Dartmouth at Cambridge.

April 20-Dartmouth at Cambridge.

April 24-Worcester, at Worcester.

April 27-Williams at Williamstown.

April 39 or 30-Phillips Andover at Andover.

May 1-Amherst at Cambridge.

May 4-Princeton, at Princeton.

May 8-Worcester at Cambridge.

May 11-Princeton at Princeton.

May 13-Hartford at Cambridge,