Schedule of Games for the Nine.

A complete list of the games arranged to be played by the 'varsity nine has been made out. They number twenty-eight in all, and as a general thing they are with strong teams. Appended is the list:

April 3-New Yorks, at New York.

April 4-Philadelphias, at Philadelphia.

April 5-Athletics at Philadelphia.

April 8-Bostons, at Boston.

April 13-Staten Island, at Cambridge.

April 19-Dartmouth at Cambridge.

April 20-Dartmouth at Cambridge.

April 24-Worcester, at Worcester.

April 27-Williams at Williamstown.

April 39 or 30-Phillips Andover at Andover.

May 1-Amherst at Cambridge.

May 4-Princeton, at Princeton.

May 8-Worcester at Cambridge.

May 11-Princeton at Princeton.

May 13-Hartford at Cambridge,

May 17-Newark, at Cambridge,

May 18-Williams at Cambridge,

May 20-Brown at Cambridge,

May 25-Yale at New Haven.

May 27-Bostons at Cambridge.

May 30-Princeton at Cambridge.

June 1-Princeton at Cambridge.

June 4-Cornell at Cambridge.

June 8-Yale at Cambridge.

June 11-U. of Penn. at Cambridge.

June 17-Lowell at Cambridge.

June 22-Yale at Cambridge.

June 25-Yale at New Haven.

Seventeen of the games are to be played at home and the rest away from Cambridge. A large majority of them are, as usual, with amateur and college nines, although the recent restrictions in regard to play with professionals have been removed.

On the Easter trip the nine will play three games, all with professionals. The team will leave Cambridge on Tuesday, and on Wednesday will play the first game at the Polo grounds in New York with the New York league team. Leaving there, a game will be played the next day, April 4, at Philadelphia with the Philadelphia league team. On the following day the last game will be played at Philadelphia with the Athletics of the American Association league. Returning to Boston the team will play on Monday, the 8th, against the Bostons. This is the first Easter trip which the nine has ever taken, and it is likely to be productive of much good. Yale has already played two games and on the spring trip the nine will play at Philadelphia, at Washington, and twice at New York. The championship season for Harvard will open with the first game with Princeton at Princeton, May 4, and will close June 25 with the game against Yale at New Haven.