The Vesper Service.

The last vesper service of the year was held in Appleton Chapel yesterday afternoon. In spite of the rather disagreeable weather the congregation was as large as usual. After the organ voluntary, the choir sang "Machet die Thore weit hutzel." Dr. McKenzie conducted the responsive service.

Professor Peabody read a portion of the third chapter of the first epistle to the Corinthians. He spoke of vesper services, and of the motives which have been the underlying inspiration of them, He defined these motives as self reproach and self respect. These motives come to every man, the one from below urging him to rise to a sense of his obligations, the other from above beckoning him on into the realms of opportunity. The true self respect does not rise out of the man himself, as an isolated being, but out of his consciousness that only from his associations with those about him can there arise anything to cause in him a worthy self-respect. Dr. Peabody applied the thought to the student, and in a broader sense to the University. He spoke also, of the ideal Harvard, which shall be, not a bulwark against ignorance, not a hall of learning, but a temple of God.

The choir sang Sullivan's anthem, "Say, Watchman, what of the night," and Mr. George J. Parker sang the tenor solo from Mendelsshon's "St. Paul," "Be thou faithful unto death."