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It is reported upon very good authority that several of the best riders in college refuse to enter the Tech. road race next Saturday. We wish to protest most emphatically against such a decision on their part. After accepting Tech's, challenge Harvard is bound to make every effort towin the race. The contest is not between individuals nor between clubs but is in reality an intercollegiate event. The riders form a team in exactly the same way as the nine or crew-a team working not for their own honor but for the honor of Harvard. It is essential there fore that the best men should be willing to compose the team.

The number of men in training is very small and has been further reduced by an accident to one of the most promising men. Not one man can be spared. If all enter and do their best there is a good chance that we shall win. If any withdraw the chances are seriously lessened. The track races are still so far ahead that the excuse of training for them is hardly a reasonable one; no other ade quate reason can be suggested. We believe that we are justified in uiging those riders who have hitherto refused to enter, to reconsider their decision and to do their best to retain for Harvard the prestige in bicycling which they so fairly earned for her last year.