The '91 Cedar Shell.

John Blakie the boat builder, will within a few days turn out to the '91 crew a cedar shell, which he is building for them This fact would not be of particular importance, were it not that on the success or failure of this boat depends whether or not the 'varsity crew will go back to a cedar shell in stead of a paper shell which kind they have been using for several years. The boat has been built with great care and will have more than ordinary buoyancy. The bracing of the boat is the feature of particular interest, it being a new departure in shell building. A chain of unbroken iron bracing runs from the stroke clear forward to number one thus giving great stiffness, and at the same the braces have been made as light as practicable in order not to weight the boat too much. The slides are inclined so as to require the minimum exertion on the recover; in fact everything possible has been done to make the boat speedy and comfortable. The shores, rowlocks and other appliances are all of the latest Davis pattern. The boat when ready to go into the water will weigh about 230 pounds, unrigged; less than an eight oared paper shell. This is a considerable them of difference and should the boat prove stiff as a new paper shell, will be a great advantage, as, if desirable the average weight of a crew could be brought up six pounds and still the heavier crew would have no more to pull through the water than the lighter in a paper shell. The result of this improvement will be looked for with great interest by all who are interested in rowing matters.