Fact and Rumor.

There will be no lecture in N. H. 4 tomorrow.

There was no recitation in History 11 yesterday.

J. W. Smith has been chosen captain of the '89 baseball team.

The following rooms have been vacated: Matthews 9; Holyoke 6.

Candidates for the Junior nine will meet in 27 Thayer this evening.

The marks in the last hour examination in English A were given out Tuesday.

I. A. Ruland has been elected captain of the "Crimson" nine for the season of '89.

Prosessor Channing has announced an oral examination in History 12 to be held at the end of the month.

The '89 class team will play the Cambridge High School this afternoon on the common.

McCoy '91, is playing at second base for the 'varsity. He is being coached by Edgerly of the '86 team.

Professor F. G. Peabody will address the members of the Y. M. C. A. at the society rooms in Lawrence Hall tonight.

In the tennis tournament, Brooks beat Richardson; Stetson beat G. L. Kingsley; Hale beat Jennings; Jennings beat Brooks; Brown beat Hale.

Darling '89, has been asked by a large majority at Memorial to be a candidate for re-election as president. The call circulated at all the tables but four, and obtained five hundred and thirty-four names out of about six hundred and sixty.

The following questions will be submitted to the Union tonight, from which one will be selected for the next debate: Resolved, That eight hours should be made the legal working day; Resolved, That the government should assume control of the railroads of the United States; Resolved, That independence in politics should be the rule and not the exception.