Book Review.

"The Siege of Syracuse, A poetical drama in five acts." By William A. Leahy. Published by D. Lothrop Company, Boston, 1889.]

Mr. W. A. Leahy of the class of '88, has shown unusual poetical powers for so young a graduate in his publication "The Siege of Syracuse." He has clothed his ideas with varied and appropriate images, never becoming monotonous, prosaic, nor strained. His fine appreciation of the beauties of nature is perhaps the most marked feature of the book. As a drama it is not wholly successful, for though full of action and well sustained, it lacks plot and development of character. The historical incidents of the Siege of Syracuse are introduced, but have little real influence on the main theme, the love of Lucius and Adelia, As a poem the "The Siege of Syracuse" is far ahead of most initial publications. The first two love scenes between the hero and the heroine, and especially the fifth scene of the second act are among the most successful passages of the book.